Like successful companies, successful ecosystems go through distinct stages. Having conducted one of the most comprehensive studies ever undertaken into European tech, it is clear to us that 2015 has been a breakthrough year in which our major hubs have gone to a new level.

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Education is a huge part of the global economy. It accounts for around 6% of global GDP and, more importantly, impacts the lives of almost everyone on Earth. Despite this, it has barely been disrupted by technology.

In some ways this is understandable, the education market is fragmented, heavily-regulated and difficult to crack.

But true entrepreneurs relish these challenges and this was the case when Masa Watanabe, the co-founder of DeNA – the hugely successful Japanese mobile and e-commerce company – founded Quipper in 2010. Quipper produces cross-platform, cross-device software that allows teachers to set and track assignments, answer students’ questions via IM, and monitor individuals’ learning progress.

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London, UK – Friday 18th May 2012: Quipper, the e-learning start-up led by Masa Watanabe, a co-founder of Japanese mobile social gaming company DeNA, today announced that it has raised £2.3m ($3.6m) of Series A funding.

The London-based company also revealed that its users have answered questions on the platform 85m times since it launched in October.

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